Berita Menarik DI Dunia

Berita Menarik DI Dunia

J-Rocks Story

J-Rocks story began when Faith meets with Wima to form a band. A dream that he is talking about when they were in high school. Both had been friends in high school. Sony's own faith is known as the guitarist of a band audition. Sony also introduced to Anton, a drummer who is also junior high school friend Sonya. Faith serves as the lead vocalist for hard to find a suitable vocalist. J-rock finally born on 9 November 2003.

Dream. That which unites the four. They can walk with my dream, music, and traveling abroad. It was almost all of them had his own band, but after a gig two times they feel bound by the same dream.

J-Rockstar was the first name when this band japanese rock. Rocktsar said they found on a sticker. They dream to be a rockstar. Then the letter J in front, in addition to identical with Japan also has many meanings. Honestly, it means honesty in music as they like. Jakarta, because the band was derived from the capital of Indonesia. J-Rockstar name shortened to J-rock, to be more easily pronounced. This happens exactly when we will follow the music contest Nescafe.
The contest is open wider opportunities for J Rocks Indonesia to enter the world of entertainment. J-Rocks became the first winner, once for each personnel buy up best vocalist, best guitarist, best bassist and best drummer. The entry of J-Rocks in the compilation of Nescafe Get Started to further cooperation with Aquarius label.


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